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About Us

We do our best to make your business flourishing!

Efficient businesses rely on technology as one of the most influential factors of their development and stable growth at this point. Technology provide changes in structure of organization, its strategy and competitive environment continuously, therefore cross point of technology and business is a primary field for UBC Company. We deliver highly efficient solutions that allow creating innovative technology strategy, operations strategy or business model that would take advantage of every opportunity that company faces and bring its overall productivity to a completely new level.


Key point of our mission at UBC is to meet and exceed client’s expectations through implementation of innovative IT-solutions in their activity and further significant rise of its efficiency. In our business model, we estimate success by level of satisfaction each client receives and consequently, UBC focuses on complete and successful implementation of every project ensuring that our clients get wide range of benefits with it. In every particular case, we aimed at creating and supporting a system based on leading information technologies that would correspond to specific needs of the client, have flexibility for change in future and protect investment that have been made.

Our strengths

Responsibility and liability

As we try to build continuous and mutually beneficial partnership with our clients, they always have access to our senior management in order to discuss and solve all possible issues. At the same time, our consultants provide not only technical responses to customers’ requests but also clear, experienced and objective advice.

Technology Leadership

Research and development is a high priority for UBC and we continuously invest in those directions in order to allow our clients to stay one-step ahead before their competitors through innovative IT-solutions. We do our best to find optimal set of products to fulfill clients’ specific requirements and if there no relevant solution, we build it ourselves.

Local Experience, International Scope

UBC provides its customers with innovative global solutions adapting it to local specifics and special requests. With developed international network of consultants sharing knowledge between local offices, we make sure that our clients get maximum benefit out of our services on their local market with all its peculiarities. To guarantee global qualified customer service for our products on the markets where we do not have representative office we make partnership with companies of same profile as ours, holding leading position in their field.

Meet our Creative and Management Team

Our specialists are leading experts in their fields across business activities and technology.
Stanislav Shostak
We love our work and we love all our services and products. Our main goal is to help our customers to be successful. To get them feel free from the routine, which takes them away from the main objectives of their business.
President, Founder at UBC Corporation
Yurii Tomilov
International Business Manager, Head of PM Office
Responsible for customer consultation on services and technology that our company provides. Performs solutions development for individual customer requirements.
Elena Scherbinina
Sales Representative
As we try to build continuous and mutually beneficial partnership with our clients, they always have access and solve all possible issues.
Oksana Pogorelaya
Account Manager
Oksana is responsible for relationships with a client and controls the transactions with customers, providing quality service performance under contracts process.
Sergey Starovoytov
Managing Director, ERP Practice
Responsible for the development of ERP and Oracle JD Edwards practice.
Sergey is a certified expert in Oracle JD Edwards E1 system with more than 15 years of experience of project implementation.
Igor Kharlamov
IT Manager
Igor is responsible for the efficient operation UBC owns and outsourcing IT infrastructure. He is an expert in the installation and administration a high-level complexity systems.
Regina Berner
Head of Law Department
Regina is responsible for the company's legal support. She tracks changes in tax and statutory accounting of CIS countries. Advises implementation and accountings departments.
Yuriy Gumenyuk
Financial Manager
Yuriy is responsible for the financial side of the company activity. Under his control are accounting in England and Ukraine, internal companies controlling.
Andrii Sokolovskyi
Marketing Manager
Andrew is responsible for the effective company marketing support. He has significant experience in web promotion, public relationships and marketing support to the company's business initiatives.
Vita Martynenko
Marketing Specialist
Vita concentrates her efforts in the area of marketing. She is responsible for developing the design of the company's marketing products.