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Cross Activities Budgeting
for Commercial and Industrial Companies

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June 17, 2016

Start: 11:00 AM MSK

Finish: 12:30 PM MSK

Language: Russian

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Complex solution for planning business activities.
From sales planning and goods supply to calculation of finished products balance and purchases volume.

About event

During webinar will be discussed various aspects of planning and forecasting for commercial and industrial companies. It will be also provided demonstration of automation tools that help improve quality of management and reduce company's turnover.

The webinar will be useful for specialists in financial planning, Financial Managers, CFO, CEO and company owners.


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What would be helpful?

  • Sales planning

    - Sales planning of finished products on the basis of forecast indicators and actual data. 
    - The use of different methods of forecasting and indexes of seasonal variation, correction of forecast. 
    - Planning in volume and value terms.

  • Formation of budgeted balance of finished products

    - Forecasting of finished products manufacturing basing on the coefficient of capacity utilization and industrial regulatory shift schedules. 
    - Planning of optimal production quantity for sales support. 
    - Planning of finished goods balance as of the end of the period.

  • Planning of product deliveries to retail outlets

    - Planning of goods orders. 
    - Planning of finished goods shipments from distribution centers, branches and manufacturers. 
    - Supply planning to retail outlets considering delivery time.

  • Demand planning of raw materials and purchases volume

    - Demand planning of raw materials basing on recipes and balance of finished products. 
    - Planning of purchases volume, calculation of raw material balance as of the end of the month and creation of purchase requisition. 
    - Automatic generation of payment schedule for purchased raw materials.


Who leads the event?

  • Igor Strateev Project Manager, Leading Business Analyst

    More than 10 years of experience in business modeling, leading expert on cross-cutting planning solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises. Expert on IBM Cognos.

  • Yurii TomilovInternational Business Manager, Head of PM Office

    Event manager 
    tel.: +7 (495) 668 09 47 
    e-mail: [email protected]

Event program

Start: 11:00 Finish: 12:30Duration of the event: 01:30
  • Supply and sales planning1

    - Sales forecasting and planning. 
    - Versions of sales plan. 
    - Planning of products delivery to the points of sale.

  • Production planning2

    - Balance of finished products and production volumes. 
    - Shifts schedule. 
    - Calculation of optimal capacity utilization.

  • Planning of raw material availability3

    - Calculation of raw materials demand. 
    - Calculation of optimal amount of raw material procurement. 
    - Mutual settlements for supplied raw materials: automation of payment schedule.

  • Output forms of budgets and data visualization4

    - Formation of analytical output forms. 
    - Data visualization.