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Planning and Budgeting for Real Estate Management. Automation of planning costs and rental income based on IBM Cognos.

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July 23, 2016

Start: 11:00 AM MSK

Finish: 12:00 PM MSK

Language: Russian

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Use a long-term experience of IBM company for automation of budgeting  and planning tasks. Simulate simply and efficiently the impact of macroeconomic indicators on the formation of the company's profits. Increase the time to analyze the data. Reduce the time for data collection, correction and conslidation.

About event

During the webinar, you will learn how to the solution allows automate the tasks of budgeting and planning. This solution includes the process of formation of budget revenues and expenses, cash flow, taking into account the impact of macroeconomic indicators. The speaker will demonstrate the mechanism of calculating rents and fees from the trade considering different factors. He will tell you about possibilities of IBM Cognos software for scenario modeling, and also will demonstrate how to recalculate the entire budget model based on changes in exchange rates and how to make a comparative analysis of several versions. This event is aimed at marketers, brokers, financial and commercial analysts, as well as CEOs and business owners.


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Why is it useful?

  • Incomes

    - The company's revenues planning in the context of renters
    - Flexibility of planning individually for each renter
    - Various options for calculation of basic indicators for renters
    - Formation of turnover from the fact, from the forecasted turnover for the reference product group, taking into account seasonality, discounts and location of premises.

  • Expenses

    - Expences planning for cleaning services
    - Expences planning for technical operation
    - Expences planning for protection
    - Expences planning for utility bills

  • Planning of assumptions affecting income

    - The impact of goods profile and the floor on the formation of turnover
    - Seasonality
    - Automatic indexing of rates
    - Automatic calculation of discounts
    - Discount

  • Output forms

    - Formation of consolidated budget
    - Export of budget to the other systems
    - Graphing and Reporting
    - Data analysis for each renter and property


Who leads the event?

  • Igor StrateevProject manager,
    Lead Business Analyst

    More than 10 years of experience in the construction of planning business models for companies’ activities. IBM Cognos Expert.

  • Yurii TomilovInternational Business Manager,
    Head of Project Management Office

    Event manager 
    tel.: +7 (495) 668 09 47 
    e-mail: [email protected]

Event schedule

Start: 11:00 Finish: 12:00 Duration of the event: 1:00
  • Solution overview1

    - Information about the solution

  • Revenue planning2

    - Making assumptions
    - Entering basic information about renters
    - Formation of turnover
    - Formation of rent rates
    - Use of indexation
    - Providing discounts
    - Formation of charges and fees

  • Expanses planning3

    - Expances Planning for cleaning services
    - Expances Planning for technical operation
    - Expances Planning for protection
    - Expances Planning for utility bills

  • Work with output forms4

    - Data analysis of the data for each renter and property
    - Formation of consolidated budget
    - Budgeting cash flow

  • System development5

    - Adding a new element into the system
    - Creating a new budget and adding it to the system
    - Setting up links between budgets