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Supply chain management. Demonstration of ERP system Oracle JD Edwards E1 for Distributors

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May 26, 2016

Start: 11:00 AM MSK

Finish: 12:30 PM MSK

Language: Russian

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Efficiency increasing for supply chain management due to processes automation. Optimization of inventory turnover rates, tracking procurement process, stock movements, sales and necessary corrections to improve them.

About event

During webinar will be demonstrated end-to-end example of procurement planning and goods delivery, control of all procurement stages, goods warehousing on predetermined algorithms, transport selection, accounting of goods in transit and filial reception on warehouse, selling goods to customers.
This webinar is for specialists in logistics, managers of business and IT departments, CxO and company owners.


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What would be helpful?

  • Planning/Forecasting

    - Work with the total forecast. 
    - Demonstration of making changes on different planning levels. 
    - Formation of final sales plan with levels of detail up to the specific SKU. 
    - Planning of upcoming procurements and distribution of goods across the network. 
    - Mathematical formulas for forecasting.
    - Forecasts simulation to compare different trends. 
    - Automatic calculation on the basis of 12 forecasting models. 

  • Purchase

    - Formation of consolidated purchase orders.
    - Goods purchase and controlling. 
    - Analysis of well-timed delivery.
    - Analysis of supplier quality.
    - Analysis of the total cost-effectiveness.

  • Transfer/Sales

    - Formation of orders to move to the branch network. 
    - Selection of transport. 
    - Printing index charts based on storage location and expiry date. 
    - Confirmation of the goods assembly. 
    - Stack printing. 
    - Goods shipment confirmation, goods accounting on the way and reception in the branch warehouse. 
    - Selling by using advanced pricing.

  • Warehouse operations

    - Admission to the warehouse.
    - Calculation of additional expenses. 
    - Automatic placement of goods in warehouse according to determined algorithms. 
    - Confirmation of warehousing.


Who leads the event?

  • Roman Yarkin Senior Consultant

    More than 10 years of experience in business processes automation, expert in  Oracle JD Edwards E1, UBC Corporation

  • Elena Shcherbinina Sales Representative

    Event manager 
    tel.: +7 (495) 668 09 47 
    e-mail: [email protected]

Event schedule

Start: 11:00 am Finish: 12:30 am Duration of the event: 1:30
  • Forecasting 1

    - Historical data on commercial network product sales.
    - View of extracted data.
    - Formation of consolidated and detailed forecasts under selected SKU.
    - Work with total forecast on upper levels.
    - Forecasts revaluation "up" and "down" to the levels of detail.

  • Planning 2

    - Sending formed and detailed forecast as a sales plan to the entrance of the planning system.
    - Plan analysis by DRP system and output of necessary system recommendations for the purchase, movement and / or acceleration / postponement of orders for target planning group.
    - Processing of system recommendations.
    - Formation of the purchase orders and orders to transfer on the branch network according to relevant calendars.

  • Procurement 3

    - Procurement from the supplier to the selected warehouse.
    - Step by step process from issuing purchase orders to placing in property.
    - Goods warehousing.

  • Stock movement 4

    - Stock movement from the source warehouse to the recipient warehouse in accordance with the scheme of warehouses interaction.
    - Step by step process from the formation of stock movement order to move from source warehouse to the delivery of goods at the destination warehouse.

  • Sales 5

    - Disposal of goods from the warehouse to the end customer.
    - Step by step process of sales order formation to sales updates and orders transfer to history file.