Hiring Our Consultants

Our company is pleased to offer the services of our qualified specialists in the following IBM Cognos fields:

Specialists are presented in the following categories of qualifications:

  • Project Manager (over 15 years experience)
  • Expert (over 10 years experience)
  • Senior Consultant (over 5 years experience)
  • Consultants (over 1 years experience)
  • Senior developer (over 5 years experience)
  • Developer (over 2 years experience)
  • Senior CNC (over 10 years experience)

These professionals can work both remotely and on your territory.

Please, contact our experts to request more information.


Reasons to hire our consultants

The question often arises as to whether to hire an employee or spend the money to hire a compensation consultant.  Below are five significant reasons to consider engaging a compensation consulting:

  • Time Factor – A consultant can focus on your issues, without being needed to put out fires, such as the ones you are constantly facing. The consultant can also focus on completing the project to meet your deadline, without any distractions.
  • Experience – A consultant brings to the assignment the breadth and depth of experience acquired from handling similar problems with a broad group of clients. Therefore, a consultant can quickly respond to your needs without having to “reinvent the wheel” or “learn on your dime.”
  • Objectivity – A consultant will provide unbiased solutions to your issues and provide alternatives that best meet your needs and administrative capabilities, not those that benefit the consultant. Remember: Be cautious of “one size fits all” solutions, or where their solutions conveniently resemble the products they sell.
  • Cost/Benefit – Companies have tried working out the solutions themselves, and sometimes they succeed; however, the cost of failure can be immense since it includes the value of lost opportunities, wasted management and training time, costly recruiting, and damaged credibility with employees. A consultant can laser focus on the problem and develop better solutions quickly.
  • Availability – Even highly qualified staffs need help occasionally, which is why a consultant is important; the consultants have the time, resources and specialized experience to supplement a company’s regular talent.