IBM Cognos Upgrades & Migration

As businesses continue to evolve, so must the technology they use every day. Many organizations want to extend their IBM Cognos business solutions to help improve productivity throughout their organization.

However, successfully upgrading to new version of IBM Cognos requires proper planning and scoping.

Questions that often arise include:

  • Which Cognos upgrade strategy will best meet the needs of my organization?
  • Is there more than one upgrade approach for Cognos?
  • What are the associated risks and opportunities?
  • Which Cognos applications would be most suitable for upgrade?
  • Based on scope, what approach should be followed, how long might it take, and what is a reasonable level of effort estimate to upgrade?  
  • What skill gaps need to be addressed when upgrading?

We are willing to help you find answers to all these questions. 

Please, contact our experts to request more information.