Upgrades & Migration

Oracle’s JD Edwards product line has evolved significantly over the past many years. If you are not running JD Edwards 9.0 or higher, you are falling behind in both functionality and technology evolution of the product.

Releases older than 8.12 are starting to lose support. Without upgrading, support for new operating systems, database technologies or the latest web browsers is unavailable and limits your ability to upgrade your overall technology infrastructure.

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Reasons to Consider Upgrading

There are many reasons to consider upgrading your current JD Edwards EnterpriseOne version. For example:

  • Upgrading may provide access to new functionality and software applications that can help keep your organization well positioned to meet your business objectives through leveraging the latest technology and built-in business processes
  • In an increasingly rigorous regulatory compliance environment, upgrading may facilitate compliance at a lower cost through retiring customizations
  • Upgrading will allow you to leverage the latest performance and usability enhancements, enabling you to increase the efficiency of your applications and your business
  • You may need to upgrade to remain eligible for the highest levels of product support

In evaluating any upgrade, there are many factors to consider, such as support timeframes, functional capabilities, technical infrastructure, and underlying.

As part of Oracle’s commitment to Applications Unlimited, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne continues to evolve, offering greater value and providing new advantages for your business. Upgrading JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is key to realizing the maximum return on your Oracle investment.

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