Project Management

Currently, most of the companies organize management on a functional basis, and production, distribution, logistics, finance are allocated to individual verticals. Every project that arises in such companies, as a rule, covers several functional areas at the same time. However, it is hard to avoid difficulties without using project approach. This leads to an excess of the budget, time breakdown, the blurred responsibility for the results of the project.

Today more and more organizations built under project or matrix (mixed) type arise. In this case, the administrative authority entirely or partially shall be transferred to project managers.

It’s impossible to talk about the definite advantage of one principle of management of the company over another, but benefits from the use of project management shall be used.

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Our experts will help you

•   Create a project office

•   Carry out training at a level sufficient to maintain the projects. Further training may become a basis for exam for PMP certification

•   Develop training materials to carry on projects

•   Implement and subsequently maintain specialized software for project management.