Automation for Hybrid Environments and Heterogeneous Applications

IBM Cognos Command Center offers an effective and flexible alternative that will reduce the management and support costs of your IBM Cognos TM1 and other finance applications, while bringing greater reliability, visibility and timeliness to your finance systems environment.

Cognos Command Center reduces complex code and sequences tasks for multiple platforms and applications, regardless of where the application resides. A central automation repository provides security-rich application and data automation source control, lifecycle management (LCM) and an audit trail for exceptional automation compliance.

Cognos Command Center provides self-service automation, allowing business users to view and run automated processes on an ad hoc basis, and more quickly diagnose and address issues that may arise.

Through a single interface, users can run and monitor their processes from web-enabled devices and respond to near real-time alerts and viable information without calling on IT to troubleshoot problems. Cognos Command Center is also a key enabler for cloud and helps automate hybrid computing environments that co-exist in virtualized clouds, hosted servers and on-premise computing environments.

Cognos Command Center provides:

  • Workflow orchestration—sequence sophisticated task flows for multiple computing platforms and applications.
  • Reduced custom coding—reduce the complexity of custom coding with predefined libraries of functions.
  • Centralized control and compliance—increase control and visibility to see who ran what, where, when and how.
  • Self-service automation—view and run processes on an ad hoc or scheduled basis, and diagnose exceptions.
  • Automation for cloud-based applications—automate hybrid computing environments in virtualized clouds, hosted servers and on-premise environments.