IBM Watson Solutions

Watson Solutions are cognitive systems that understand natural language, extract knowledge from unstructured data and apply it to reinvent industries.

IBM Watson solutions and technologies represent a first step into cognitive systems, a new era of computing for enterprises, institutions and individuals on the cloud. Watson processes information by understanding natural language, generates hypotheses based on evidence, and, because it becomes more capable and precise, Watson will help leaders and organizations make better, more confident decisions.


Essential information

Watson Solutions provides the following features:

Watson has already successfully demonstrated its ability to transform healthcare, and is now being applied to help retail, travel and transportation, with broad application potential across all industries. 

Here are just a few ways Watson is being applied to help transform industries, business and lives:

  • Retail: Watson is going to work enabling self service customer engagement as an expert shopper and advisor.
  • Financial Services Sector: Watson is going to work in travel giving people the tools to plan a personal and customized trip for their needs.
  • Healthcare: Watson is going to work transforming how healthcare is researched, practiced, taught and paid for.
  • Life sciences: Watson is going to work in life sciences helping researchers find new insights and relationships in an ocean of information.
  • Your industry: Watson is going to work to extract knowledge from unstructured information which you may not have thought possible.