Oracle JD Edwards E1 Russian Localization Pack Extension (v 9.2)

Additionally to the standard package of Oracle JD Edwards E1 Russian Localization, UBC has developed a package of Russian Localization Extension. 

This package has been tested and certified under the Oracle OVI program.  

UBC Russian Localization Extension was developed and certified for versions 9.1 and 9.2 of Oracle JD Edwards system.

Localization Pack Features:

  • All enhancements 100% developed with JDE tools
  • The code can be installed with using of .par file
  • Solution is fully compatible with JDE 9.1 and JDE 9.2
  • Business services does not require
  • Solution will run on JDE green stack
  • Standard localization tables were not changed 
  • Source code is written in English
  • Solution does not require additional java application servers
  • Solution used Oracle partner system code "Q89" (naming convention is according to Oracle recommendations)

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Detailed Description

UBC Russian Localization Pack Extension consists two packages.

Package of main objects:

  • Other enhanced JDE localization tables to capture settings for VAT reporting
  • VAT Invoice for Sales transaction
  • VAT Invoice for Sales printing
  • VAT Invoice for Sales historical retention
  • TORG-12 generation
  • TORG-12 historical retention
  • VAT Invoice for Customer Prepayment transaction
  • VAT Invoice for Customer Prepayment document generation
  • VAT Invoice for Customer Prepayment historical retention
  • VAT Invoice for Corrections transaction
  • VAT Invoice for Corrections document generation
  • VAT Invoice for Corrections historical retention
  • VAT Sales Book Reporting
  • VAT Purchase Book Reporting
  • Automatching VAT accounts turnover and Purchase Book
  • Automatching VAT accounts turnover and Sales Book 
  • Income Tax Calculating
  • A/P Unrealized Gain/Loss Revaluation
  • A/R Unrealized Gain/Loss Revaluation
  • Monetary Accounts Valuation
  • TTN
  • TN
  • Bank Inbound
  • Bank Outbound

Additional package of localization:

  • VAT Declaration Data Generation
  • VAT Declaration – XML Generation
  • FA Card Form OS-6
  • Internal Transfer Form OS-2
  • Act of FA Receipt-Transfer OS-1
  • Act of Receipt, move, repaired, reconstructed, or modernized Form OS-3
  • Transfer FA Form OS-1b
  • Act of FA Disposal Form OS-4
  • Act of Non-integ. Assets Receipt. Form NA-1
  • Act of Receipt or Move Equipment to Installation Form OS-15
  • Petty Cash Issue Note
  • Petty Cash Receipt Note
  • Petty Cash Book Report
  • RAS Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Red Storno